Herding Cats, LLC is ecstatic to be celebrating our 18th Frolicon in 2024.

Frolicon is the unique juxtaposition of the geek and kink worlds celebrated in glorious fashion in the heart of downtown Atlanta.  Each year we celebrate our unique sense of fun and frivolity with 2000 of our closest friends.  What’s your poison?  We’ve got it all.  Kink.  Gaming.  Burlesque.  Music.  Costuming.  Parties.  Art.  Parties.  And more!

At Frolicon we pride ourselves on providing a safe and comfortable place where you can be you. With tracks of programming that focus on LGBTQIA, erotica & sci-fi/fantasy authors, photography, dance, polyamory, psychology, and so much more we are positive that you’ll find your happy place and maybe discover a few new ones.  See you in the Spring!

Frolicon General Rules and Guidelines

  • NO MEANS NO.  Period, end of conversation.  Why do people come to Frolicon and wear the skimpy/revealing/sexy things they wear?  It’s because they feel safe doing so.  You may see nakedness.  You may see some really cool toys.  You may see someone in the midst of a debaucherous act.  This does not mean, we repeat, DOES NOT mean you have an invitation to touch, photograph, or join in.
  • DON’T BE AN IDIOT.  If you insist on acting like an idiot, Frolicon can and will boot you out of the convention without giving you a refund.  If in doubt about any of the following rules, always consider this one first.
  • WEAR YOUR BADGE.  Badges must be around your neck at all times.  Badge Snatching is a problem and keeping it around your neck is the best way to avoid yours being taken from you.  Beads and/or lanyards are available from at registration when you pick up your badge.  If you lose your badge you will be required to purchase a new one to reenter the convention.
  • Frolicon is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  Lost and Found can be found at Security Ops.  If you discover you’ve lost an item after the convention email  herdingcats.operations@gmail.com and we will do our best to help you locate it.
  • Frolicon is an ADULT convention for those aged 21 and over.  No exceptions.  None.  Yes, this includes children.
  • Don’t play ‘Let’s Freak Out the Mundanes’.  The relationship with our host hotel is very important to us and to the continued success of the convention.  When you are in public areas, please stay covered (if you wouldn’t go grocery shopping in it, please cover up) and behave yourselves.  Save your debauchery for the convention spaces and room parties.  Please adhere to any and all hotel dress codes once off the 1st floor space.
  • If you damage your hotel room or any other hotel property, the hotel will bill you for it.  If you want to have a hotel for next year, leave your room and the convention space the way you found it.
  • If you become a rude, angry, or annoying drunk we will eject you from the convention.  If you become a destructive drunk not only will you be kicked you out and possibly arrested, we’ll tell everyone exactly who the person is causing all the trouble.  Trust us, this will not make you popular.
  • Bring your own fun! – This isn’t really a rule, but more of a suggestion.  You are one of the people who makes Frolicon fun!  Go to a panel and ask questions.  Sign up for a game or event and show off your skills.  Enter one of our contests.  Wear something exciting and spice up your social life.  Polite observation is good, but enthusiastic participation is best!
  • Rules are subject to arbitrary change, addition, and interpretation without notice of any kind if deemed necessary by Frolicon Directors.

Frolicon Photo Policies

Frolicon Staff Photographers

  • The Frolicon Photography Staff takes pictures to promote the convention. All photos taken by the official Frolicon photo staff belong to the convention and may be used for promotional materials for the convention only.
  • By registering for the convention, you agree to having your photo taken.
  • If you see a Staff Photographer taking your picture and you would prefer to not be photographed simply ask the photographer to erase the image. They will be happy to do so.
  • If you see a photograph of yourself on the Frolicon website that you wish to have removed, email herdingcats.operations@gmail.com and we will be glad to take it down.
  • The Photo Staff will be taking photographs in all areas other than the dungeon and certain classes.  If you are a performer or presenter and would prefer to not have photography, including Staff Photographers, during your class, workshop, or performance please notify your department director.  A quick reminder when you check in to the event isn’t a bad idea either.
  • All Photo Staff will have special badges for easy identification.  Pictures of all Photo Staff members will also be available at Security Ops.
  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding these policies, please email  herdingcats.operations@gmail.com and we will do our best to address those concerns.

Attendee and General Photo Policies

  • Frolicon cannot and will not monitor or police the use of personal cameras, including camera phones.  It simply is not possible.
  • Frolicon will provide no arm bands, stickers, masks, stamps, or any other form of designation for attendees that do not wish to have their photos taken.
  • Please be aware of your surroundings.  If you are taking photos be aware that people in the background of your shots may not wish to be photographed.  Perhaps change your position or ask people you don’t know if they can move out of the shot.  If you do not wish to have your photo taken keep an eye out for other attendees taking pics in heavily populated areas where you may accidentally be in the background.
  • If you are very concerned about being photographed unknowingly, we recommend disguising your appearance.  Costuming is a big part of Frolicon.  Join in the fun!
  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding these policies, please email herdingcats.operations@gmail.com and we will do our best to address those concerns.

Frolicon Dungeon Rules

Rules for Play

  • No scat or water sports allowed in the Dungeon
  • No fire allowed in the Dungeon
  • No cameras, visible cell phones or recording devices are allowed inside the Dungeon
  • No penetration without a barrier
  • No alcohol or outside beverages are allowed in the Dungeon
  • You may not use toys over 3′ in length in the general Dungeon place space. We will provide a “Whip Lane” in the Dungeon for toys longer than 3′. See specific rules for this area below.
  • Toys or play that can easily cause blood spray or shrapnel are not allowed
  • Staff may be identified by Blaze Orange Dungeon Monitor Sashes
  • Please be polite
  • You should observe Normal scene etiquette at all times. If you have questions about this concept, see a staff member or party host.
  • All activity within the play space must be consensual.
  • Do not interrupt or interfere with scenes in progress. Do not join a scene without prior negotiation.
  • Do not crowd a scene by watching or playing too closely. It is your job to make sure you do not walk through a scene. If you enter an active scene and you are hit, it is your own fault.
  • Ask before touching anyone else’s playthings, inanimate and two legged.
  • Please limit your play sessions to 1-1 ½ hours, especially if there are others waiting for equipment
  • Clean up after yourselves

Whip Lane Rules

  • This area is for the use of toys/whips longer than 3’ only. If you are using a single tail 3’ or shorter, you may use it in the general play area.
  • As this area is limited in its available space, please be considerate of all players and do not “camp out” on a piece of equipment. Please give everyone that wants a turn time on the equipment.
  • With the exception of toy length, all the rules above apply in the Whip Lane as well.


  • There will be appropriate clean up supplies available at several stations throughout the dungeon.
  • Alert party staff to any possible spilled blood or other bodily fluids you cannot safely clean up.
  • We only allow Wax play in areas with a tarp covering the floor and some other barrier covering equipment. Staff can provide a tarp if you need one.

Leaving the Dungeon during a Crowded Time?

If there are people waiting to get into the Dungeon and you need to take a quick bathroom break you will need to get an official Hall Pass from Security at the door. This will get you back in after your short break.


  • Spanking benches are for one person only.
  • Please do not move the equipment. Sadistic Engineering has placed each piece to fit into thhe available play space and to provide maximum comfort to the players.
  • Do not abuse the equipment. It is well made and sturdy, but not meant for whip practice or as a step stool.
  • If your planned play will involve any secretion of bodily fluids, lubricants, wax, etc. please cover the equipment beforehand. It will make cleaning up the equipment much easier for you when you are done.
  • We do not allow participants to bring additional dungeon equipment into the dungeon during the convention without prior approval from Sadistic Engineering. If you have a new piece of dungeon equipment that you would like to demonstrate, please contact dungeon@sadisticengineering.com so that we may talk with you about potential demonstration space.

Have FUN!

Watch, participate if you choose, ask questions if you have them. Staff will be easily identifiable, and if you see something you would like to try, please ask.