On-site Covid Guidelines

Frolicon 2024 will be a FULLY VACCINATED EVENT

What does that mean exactly?

Every person who attends the convention, whether they are volunteers, artists, vendors, performers, or general attendees must show proof of vaccination and any applicable boosters before they will be given their badge.

General Convention Protocols

Special team of volunteers (we’re calling them the Plague Doctors) will be continuously roaming the convention common areas sanitizing hard surfaces including hand rails, door knobs, elevator buttons, and table tops.

We will happily be complying with the CDC’s recommendations for indoor mask usage!  We will make our Mask Policy very clear a bit closer to the event to ensure we are basing it on the most up-to-date information.

Internal Classroom Protocols

Every classroom space will be shut down for deep cleaning at least twice each day.
All rooms will have Clorox Wipes for wiping down tables, easels, markers, and other hard surfaces between each class.   We ask presenters to help us with this task as our volunteers will be focusing on sanitizing the convention’s common spaces.
Hand sanitizer will be provided for each room as well.
Attendance caps may be placed on each room to ensure adequate space to distance.
Many of our more popular classes will be offered more than once throughout the weekend to accommodate all who want to attend.
Popular spaces are being expanded to make social distancing easier.  For example we’ve added 1000 square feet to our dungeon and an extra room for the Retreat