Writing. Art. Activism. Spirituality. Gaming. Dance. Massage. Pr0n. Costuming and all things that make Frolicon the eclectic meeting place of so many wonderful subcultures. You’ll find it here in the Think Track.

Think Track Mini Tracks:


Frolicon is delighted to have the LGBTQ Track back! Our Director, the lovely Regina Twist, brings us exciting and knowledgeable classes like How to Make Love To A Trans Person, Being Transgender In The Work Place, and Hair Care & Beauty. Please join us for what will surely be a great track once again.

Costuming Track

So you like to costume? Frolicon is the place for you! Whether it be Sci-Fi, Anime, Comics or BDSM, we want to see you in your finest. Lee, our Costuming Director, is working diligently to bring you a great lineup of classes and workshops.

Ink Track

With as many creative people as we have at Frolicon it is no wonder that we have such a FABULOUS Ink Track. Trinity, Ink Track Director, has searched high and low and found an array of writers from Sci-Fi to BDSM, Romance to Erotica. You never know who will be found hanging out at the Writers Table. If you have ever thought… “I want to write a book”, join our writers for not only instruction but for inspiration.

Polyamory Track

OK. So we don’t officially have a poly track but we might as well. We have some great classes this year ranging from the newbie level to the experienced. Check out our exciting classes.