Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Frolicon 2024!!

Click HERE to apply to be a FroliVolunteer!

 Frolicon has a two tiered system for volunteers! 

14 hours = Free Weekend Badge 

NEW volunteers to Frolicon must purchase their badge in advance or on site to be refunded within 2 weeks after the convention has closed

RETURNING volunteers in good standing to Frolicon will receive a comped badge. (You don’t have to purchase a badge but I must be able to confirm you have volunteered FOR US before)

8 hours = Discounted Badge

Refund is $50  to be refunded within 2 weeks after convention has closed REGARDLESS of the purchase price.

PLEASE NOTE: Returning/Comped volunteers cannot use their comped badge and only work 8 hours. If you choose to volunteer for only 8 hours, you will be required to purchase your badge and be reimbursed per the details above. 

ALL Directors must approve of you volunteering in their area for the amount of hours selected before Frolicon. They will be in touch with you about schedules and times once they have you scheduled.

You may work in more than one department to fulfill your hours. DM’s, for example, rarely get 14 hours but you can fulfill your time in On-call or other departments. Please contact me if your first department assignment cannot fulfill the hours required that you have chosen.

If you have any questions please let me know!

Happy Froliween!!

Department details and descriptions: 

Safety – Director: Artemis

Make sure everyone has a good time and obeys the rules. Door monitoring and badge checking, crowd control, elevator checks etc. Seated positions available.

Ops- Director: George

Support for Safety. Seated positions available

DM – Director: Billy

Dungeon Monitor. Monitor scenes for safety and consent issues in the dungeon.  Training available onsite for those interested.

Native Guides- Director: Raiven

Politely point people in the direction of fun, have info (we provide it!) on locations/classes. Seated Positions available

Con Suite- Director: Edward

Stock snacks and refreshments for con-goers.

Retreat- Director: Michelle & Sam

Massage, pedicure, nail art, Etc. If you have a talent this is your place. Limited space for receptionist. Seated/standing, depending on skill/job.

Registration- Director-  M 

Greeting guests & getting them on their way to frolicking! Computer Skills a MUST. Seated positions primarily with minimal standing

Art Room- Director: Rosemary

Set up/take down and prep of grid panels and art room at beginning and end (requires some lifting, standing & bending). Managing art room, register and sales during the convention, Primarily a seated position.

Party Set up- Director: John

Thurs & Fri hours primarily (Limited). Loading and set up for Con-sponsored parties throughout the weekend.  Thurs afternoon/early evening availability is a huge plus! and a great way to knock out a bunch of your volunteer hours before the weekend even gets started!

Plague Doctors!!! – Director Sam Needleman

Help Frolly keep the Con Crud (in all it’s various forms) at bay! Vols in this department will be helping to sanitize common areas within con-space as well as handling on-site vax card check for Registration.  French Maid costumes and Plague Mask not required (but certainly encouraged).

OnCall- Director: Gypsy

Limited positions. General gap filler and all around persons. Ability to work a 4 hour shift a huge plus. A great way to volunteer if you just want to lend a hand! And you may be eligible for Badge Reimbursement depending on hours worked!